Limb Reconstruction Patient Support

Noelle Coleman RN

I am an Irish born, English trained, Registered Nurse with training and expertise specifically in Limb Reconstruction.
Currently, I am the only Limb Reconstruction nurse in Australia with knowledge and experience in nursing both adults and children under going Limb Reconstruction.

I have over 15 years experience in providing the support and coordination of care required specifically by patients and their families undergoing limb reconstruction for major orthopaedic conditions due to trauma, infection, cancer or deformity.

My nursing career in limb reconstruction has taken me from Dublin to London, USA, Dubai, Brisbane and Sydney, working alongside Lower Limb Reconstruction Specialists worldwide.

I am an associate member of the Australian and British Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction Societies (ALLARS & BLRS) and have been instrumental in the development of three Limb Reconstruction Services through out my career, in Dublin, Ireland, Brisbane, Qld and here in Sydney, NSW.

Your Limb, Your Life, My Support

Lower Limb Reconstruction can be a life and limb changing journey for the patient and their loved ones. The magnitude of this ‘journey’ should never be taken lightly and therefore, never walked alone.

My focus is to provide an holistic approach to your Limb Reconstruction journey by providing:

  • Ongoing professional nursing support;
  • Education on ‘life in frame’ or with a ‘prosthesis’; and
  • Coordination of your care with your Specialist.

These services are important throughout each stage of your journey whether you require a joint replacement, deformity correction, lengthening and / or osseointegration.
I am here to help you:

  • 24/7 – by phone, email or Skype;
  • As a single port of contact; and
  • As a direct link to your Specialist.

This enables you and your loved ones to navigate your reconstruction journey in a supported, convenient and timely manner. This in turn promotes independence in self
care and enhances wellbeing on your way to recovery.

Consultation Information Fee structure

As a Registered Nurse my fees are not rebatable via medicare or your private health insurance currently. However they are claimable via:

  • Work cover
  • I Care
  • CTP
  • Alliance
  • EML
  • NDIS (self management planners)
    (Registration as an NDIS Provider in progress)

Initial Pre Operative Consultation involves a one on one (face to face or facetime) consultation post liaison with your specialist at a seperate time with you and your loved ones as a pre arranged consultation either in your home, in clinic or by telephone/facebook.

  • Explanation re pending surgical procedure in terms of surgical approach, impact on work, school, uni…
  • What to bring to hospital, fasting, process…
  • Pre operative planning – physically, socially, logistically,…
  • Expectation regarding outcome post surgery
  • Pain management, mobility, clinic/Gp follow up plan…
  • Impact – inability to drive, non weight bearing, home environment (equipment – wheelchair, knee scooter, crutches / dressing materials…
  • Rehabilitation verses discharge home
  • External fixation – education / frame management / pin site care / equipment / distraction programme / life in frame…
  • Precice/Freedom/Stryde lengthening nail – education re weight bearing / mobility / lengthening protocol & ERC
  • Osseointegration – education re loading process / stoma & wound management / gait training / pain management…
  • Complex Orthopaedics

Fee Structure

Initial Post Operative Consultation involves a one on one (face to face) consultation post liaison with your specialist, at a pre arranged time after surgery as an inpatient prior to discharge or as a home visit post discharge home.

  • Explanation of surgical procedure performed
  • Expectation and process of recovery
  • Education and review re pain management, pin site/wound/stoma care, loading,
  • Device education – external fixator, ERC, distraction/lengthening process…
  • Impact – inability to drive, non weight bearing, home environment (equipment – wheelchair, knee scooter, crutches / dressing materials…
  • Rehabilitation verses discharge home post surgery/ life post reconstruction

Ongoing triage/problem solving provided post initial post operative consultation by telephone 24/7 in conjunction with your specialist.

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