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The QLRC has been established with the intention of providing an Orthopaedic Service that is able to treat both adults and children for a range of orthopaedic problems from Paediatric Sports Injury to Adult Limb Reconstruction surgery. Our aim is to assist our patients in achieving their best possible function and quality of life.

We appreciate that contemplating surgery for yourself or for your child can be an intimidating prospect. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that provides a thorough assessment of your condition as well as the most up to date and evidence based treatment options. It is our aim to communicate this with you so that you have an appreciation of your diagnosis with clear explanation of your treatment options and management plan.

Our ultimate priority will always be the best possible standard of care for you or your child. Please feel free to browse our website and please send us an email if you have any questions.

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Dear Patients, Families and Friends…

As we slowly start returning our lives to normal and we see relaxation  of the regulations that have limited our activity and sporting interests,  we urge you to return to sport safely and with the risk of overuse injury in mind. The injury rate following CV-19 has been significantly higher in many professional sporting teams and we are keen to ensure that this is not reflected in our younger athletes who are going to return to high level sport following 8 weeks of minimal activity.  Dr Maine and Physiotherapist Mr David Peirce recently held a webinar on managing our return to sport. If you are interested in understanding more about this then please feel free to view it in our facebook feed below. 

You will now be aware that the government has advised that elective surgery can be performed. We are still limited in many ways by social distancing guidelines and ask that you please be patient and as flexible as possible as we try to negotiate theatre spots as efficiently and quickly as we can. We can assure you that we will not be compromising the care of any patient. We are still offering telehealth consults for appointments that do not have to be attended in person. 

We encourage our current patients to contact our rooms for phone and online consults if they have any queries or concerns.

Are you worried about the shape of your child’s legs or feet???

The Alignment Screening in Kids clinic (ASK) is a service run by Paediatric Physiotherapist Alana Jessop in conjunction with Dr Maine. Alana has an extensive background in managing children with bow legs, knock knees, intoeing and gait abnormalities. She has treated children prior, during and following correction of these problems when it has been necessary. She has also got extensive experience managing children who do not require surgery.

It is very rare for a child under the age of 7 to need surgery to correct alignment issues and it can be difficult to get an appointment with a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon if you are concerned about your child. The ASK clinic enables you to quickly access Alana’s experience about your child’s legs. You will be able to get an informed opinion as well as management strategies to help with the problem. If there is an ongoing issue, Alana is easily able to refer you to Dr Maine for a surgical opinion should it be necessary.

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