Reconstruction of the upper and lower extremities is a complex process that requires experienced surgeons like Dr. Maine who have a deep understanding of intricate anatomy and biomechanics.

A specialised field of orthopaedics, limb reconstruction surgery is typically performed to treat deformity of a limb due to trauma, infection, or congenital conditions.

Limb reconstruction surgeons like Dr. Maine are well-versed in a variety of surgical techniques that work to improve the length, shape, and function of a limb. These techniques focus on realigning bones, correctly positioning or stabilising joints, and may even work to make bones longer.

Surgery may involve growing bones to equalise leg lengths or placing special frame constructs on the limb to correct severe deformity. Before scheduling surgery, however, Dr. Maine and her team will make a thorough assessment of your condition, why it has occurred, and how it affects your life.


The team at QLRC believes that an educated patient is a patient who is invested in the process and in the recovery journey. 

That’s why Dr. Maine will typically have at least two consultations with each patients to discuss the potential surgery, its risks and benefits. As the surgery is often complex, it is essential that you understand your procedure and the measures it will take to ensure a good outcome. 


Patient specific implants (PSI) and custom-made jigs are a critical component to QLRC providing patients with the highest quality of life after limb reconstruction surgery. These are custom-made implants that are created to each patient’s individual anatomical specifications using new manufacturing techniques and advanced materials to help provide the optimal result.

We also employ the use of custom-made jigs to guide the path of surgical cutting tools, enabling us to exactly reproduce an ideal preoperative plan.


At QLRC, we understand the important role rehabilitation plays in our patients’ short and long-term recoveries. In fact, it is not uncommon for limb reconstruction patients to require extensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy to achieve optimal results. We ensure that you are fully supported throughout your rehabilitation journey.

Should your reconstructive surgery include a device, QLRC will also provide full assistance in the management of the device. 

Regardless of your limb reconstruction need, our team at QLRC will be your guide to maximum recovery.