Consultation Information

All you need to know prior to your first consultation.


Following a written referral by your GP or another Specialist, Dr Maine will meet you for an initial consultation. This includes a history of the condition you are presenting with along with a tailored examination of the affected area. Please wear or bring suitable clothing for the examination. If further investigations are required, these will be discussed with you along with the potential diagnosis for your issue. Dr Maine endeavours to explain all aspects of your consult in plain language that is easy to understand. Please clarify any questions you have before the end of your consult as we want to ensure you leave us satisfied that you have a good understanding of your management plan.
Please bring with you to your consult:
          1. Your referral. If you do not have a copy, then please ensure we know who is sending it so we can obtain a copy prior to your arrival
          2. Any relevant medical imaging. If this is online, please notify us with the name of the imaging provider so we can ensure we have access to your images before you arrive.
          3. Your Medicare card
          4. Your Private Health insurance details
          5. A list of any questions you have for Dr Maine and her colleagues


A lower fee is charged when you attend for your subsequent visit as less time is usually needed once Dr Maine is familiar with your condition.


Dr Maine requires patients to return for an appointment 2 weeks post-surgery to check on their progress and recovery. There will be no charge for this appointment as it is included in the surgical fee.


This section aims to provide you with some basic financial information about the health system. There is universal health cover in Australia from Medicare. This means that all Australian residents are covered by the public health system.

The private health system offers the advantage of choosing your surgeon with access to a better choice of elective surgery, as well as treatment of your condition in an appropriate timeframe. The disadvantages are the financial costs associated with the surgery.

Most people are under the impression that their health care fund will pay for all costs incurred in the private sector. It is extremely important to understand that your cover depends entirely on the policy you hold. Health Care Funds rarely cover the cost of your doctor’s appointments and surgical fee. In fact most of your health insurance goes into paying for your hospital stay and not the doctor’s costs.

There are several costs when seeing a specialist surgeon:
          1. Initial Consult fee:  This is NOT usually covered by your Health Care Fund
          2. Subsequent Consult: This is NOT usually covered by your Health Care Fund
          3. Cost of Surgery: A portion of this is covered by Medicare. The remaining portion may be covered by your fund depending on your policy. A “Known Gap” arrangement may be entered into where you pay a predetermined amount – usually $500, and your HCF will pay the rest.
Dr. Maine’s fees are based around the fees recommended by the Australian Medical Association.


All orthopaedic surgeries are covered by Medicare item numbers. These numbers have an associated rebate. The government determines these rebates and the private health insurance companies supplement these rebates by up to 25%.

Unfortunately, these rebates have not changed much since 1983 and have not kept up with inflation, let alone the costs of running a quality practice and the increasing cost of Medical Indemnity Insurance. The difference between the costs and the rebates has given rise to the GAP. Most surgeons will charge AMA (Australian Medical Association) rates for the services. This is almost three times the Medicare rebate and reflects the true discrepancy. We kindly request surgery is paid 48 hours prior to procedure being performed.

Prior to surgery you will be given a list of the anticipated item numbers that will apply to your operation. Your HCF will provide an additional rebate to the fees. Fees for surgery vary considerably based on the procedure being performed. An estimate of fees will be provided prior to surgery with a list of anticipated item numbers. The practice requests that patients contact their health insurer with these item numbers to ensure they are covered for surgery.


These fees will be charged directly by the Anaesthetist. Dr Maine utilises the service of several Anaesthetists, you will be provided their details prior to surgery and will be provided an estimate of fees directly from their rooms.


In addition to Dr Maine’s fees a Surgical Assistant fee may also apply, typically this fee is 20% of the surgical fees.


If you are not insured, we are still happy to help you and will do our best to minimise your expenditure. If you are booked for surgery you will need to obtain quotes from either North West Private or Brisbane Private Hospitals for the cost of surgery. This usually depends on the item numbers you are given, but will also take into account the duration of surgery and the number of nights you need to stay in post operatively. Your fee will include hire of the bed, hire of the theatre as well as any other potential costs such as X-ray in theatre if this is required. These costs are often substantial and are why many people prefer to take out Private cover.

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