Staying active by participating in sports delivers excellent physical benefits, which is why when you sustain an injury, our goal at QLRC is to get you back in the game as soon as possible. 

A competitive athlete herself, Dr. Maine understands the mechanics of the human body and works with her patients to not only quickly overcome sports injuries, but to prevent them from recurring. If you’ve been sidelined by a sports injury, call the office or book an appointment online to get treatment.

As someone who has gone through rehabilitation three times for sport-related injuries, Dr. Maine has a special affinity for patients undergoing treatment for sports injuries.

Dr. Maine approaches each injury with the goal of delivering immediate care for the injury and relieving your symptoms, while also providing long-lasting protection against re-injury.


Most sports injuries involve soft tissue — your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Less often, a sports injury results in a fracture or break in a bone.

It follows that treatment depends on the nature of the sports injury. After diagnosing the extent of the injury and reviewing your goals, Dr. Maine turns to a number of treatment solutions, including:
In many cases, Dr. Maine can help you avoid surgery, especially if you seek prompt treatment, by using the following:
  • Rest
  • Medications
  • Splinting or orthotics
  • Physical therapy


While surgery may not seem like the ideal solution, advanced technology has afforded Dr. Maine the opportunity to go in and treat your injury quickly and effectively. Using minimally invasive surgical techniques that cut down on the risk and downtime often associated with open surgery, Dr. Maine is often able to get you back to doing what you enjoy most in relatively little time. She is committed to getting you back to doing what you enjoy most in the shortest, safest time frame.