Deformity Correction

Achieving optimal alignment of the limb to minimise pain and preserve function.

Deformity Correction

The alignment of our legs has evolved in a beautifully precice way, such that our weight is evenly distributed across our joints to minimise the onset of arthritis and degenerative change. If the alignment of our legs changes significantly, our weight distribution places abnormal forces across the cartilage of our joints. The cartilage can wear away and lead to the  development of arthritis.

Certain conditions can cause our legs to become “malaligned” which is referred to as a “deformity” in medical terms. Trauma, infection, degenerative change and congenital conditions all influence the shape of our legs and may lead to the early onset of arthritis if not corrected. Alternatively, in cases which have already started to develop arthritis, correction of the deformity may prevent progression of the problem and might temporarily relieve symptoms of pain.

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