Pam’s “kneed” to get back to her game

The glory days are far from over for our beautiful patient, Pamela. At 71-years-young the dedicated mother of four put up with an unstable knee for 40 years, but it was the prospect of not being able continue playing tennis that she finally made the decision to get it looked at. 

“I had stopped playing tennis, and walking on un-even surfaces resulted in several falls. I was dis-illusioned with being unable to be active. After discussing the situation with Dr Maine, I was offered a donor anterior cruciate ligament (ACL),” said Pamela. 

The weakness in her left ACL had already resulted in a serious fall causing Pamela to hit her head. Aside from the risk and the pain she was experiencing, Sheanna was amazed to see the general condition of Pamela’s knees was better than most 30-year-olds.  

“Never in my orthopaedic training or consultancy did I expect to do an ACL reconstruction on anyone over the age of 60…until I met Pam. She absolutely changed my mind,” said Sheanna. 

She contributed the health of Pamela’s knees to her active exercise regime, and was confident the reconstruction with a donor ligament would offer more stability and decrease the risk of further falls.  

Pamela said the results were immediate and she quickly regained confidence on her feet.  

“An exercise programme with physio was set up which I followed daily with enthusiasm as the end-result was a normal, but tremendously improved life-style which I enjoy daily,” she said. 

“I appreciate how professional and caring Dr Maine is, and her staff, and grateful to the donor.”  

Sheanna continues to be in awe of Pamela’s commitment to recovery. 

“She proved that age is no barrier to successful surgery and rehabilitation. The dedication she put into recovering her strength and balance has demonstrated that good patient selection is the key to success,” she said. 

“Pam, I am inspired by you and hope you enjoy a few more games of tennis with your friends.” 

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